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Seniors Benefit Greatly From Socialization

Medical studies show that there are positive impacts of keeping seniors socialized. After retirement, more mature individuals have free time, and unfortunately, not all of these people have the income to travel frequently and may spend time at home. While staying home isn't a bad thing, too much isolation presents negative health consequences for elderly [...]

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Introducing the Newly Improved Summerfield of Redlands

Senior communities offer a great opportunity for individuals who want to downsize and live in affordable housing when they move out of their family homes. The communities offer a wealth of amenities for the seniors and give them plenty of chances to make friends and get the vital services they need. In these communities, the [...]

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Understanding the Umbrella of Dementia

Most people have heard the term "dementia," but few are aware of what it really means. Dementia is not a specific medical condition. Rather, it is an umbrella term for a collection of brain diseases with similar symptoms and effects. What All Forms of Dementia Have in Common The reason that dementia is used as [...]

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The Dangers of Isolation for Seniors

Seniors often face mounting isolation which can cause a range of mental health issues. Caregivers and loved ones must be able to recognize the signs of isolation and declining mental health so they can protect seniors and get them the care they need. Seniors need to be a part of a community that will allow [...]

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Watch For These Signs When You Visit Your Elderly Parents During the Holidays

Being a long-distance caregiver for an aging parent can be incredibly challenging. Adult children want what's best for their elderly loved ones and do everything they can to provide emotional, financial, and social assistance, but there are some things that can only be dealt with in person. With the holidays coming up, families across California [...]

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Summerfield of Redlands Has Special Offers For Veterans And Their Spouses

Dementia is a progressive neurological disease that affects a person's memory, ability to think, and social skills. The hallmark of dementia is how it disrupts the individual's everyday life. Memory loss by itself doesn't mean a person has dementia. Doctors look for criteria that includes each possible symptom before rendering a diagnosis. While cognitive tests [...]

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