Senior communities offer a great opportunity for individuals who want to downsize and live in affordable housing when they move out of their family homes. The communities offer a wealth of amenities for the seniors and give them plenty of chances to make friends and get the vital services they need.

In these communities, the seniors have access to services such as transportation to doctor’s appointments and shopping trips. Seniors can also avoid cooking and get full-service meal preparation from on-site restaurants and get an opportunity to spend time with new friends.  

Tracking the Residents’ Progress

The staff uses the Sagely application to track the resident’s progress and collect data about each resident. When residents have conditions such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, the community wants the residents to live as independently as possible, and the status of their health determines what type of care they need. Some residents may deteriorate faster than others and need more specialized care and services. 

Faster Updates for Care Plans

Since all the information is stored in the application, the staff can review each resident’s care plan and ensure that they stay on task with all medication schedules and service requirements. The nurses manage all the medication schedules according to the residents’ medical recommendations and their prescription information. The system offers alerts for all residents and generates prompts to prevent any missed doses. 

When residents need more exercise or special diets, those individual requirements are managed properly by the staff. The staff completes all meal preparation and works with the residents to encourage them to complete exercise programs.

Since the residents live close to each other, they can make friends easily with other individuals who will motivate them to exercise and stay active. The details in the system help the staff assess the residents and ensure that all their needs are met.  

Presenting New Ways to Remember

With memory care, the application helps the staff track what activities the residents are completing and getting the best results. When managing dementia in any form, the staff will present games and puzzles that help the residents with recollection and memory. As dementia progresses, the person can forget vital details and won’t remember common information such as their name, what year it is, or their address. 

The activities may include color coding items in their apartment to help the senior remember to do certain tasks. They can also use alarms and timers to work on simple tasks and stick to a schedule. Routines and schedules are necessary for residents with dementia. The staff collects information about all results and enters the data into the system.  

Matching Residents With the Best Nurses and Staff

The Sagely app can help the community administrator to match residents with nurses who have the training to manage their health needs. Nurses who work with residents who need memory care have specialized training to provide services to help the residents remain independent and enjoy life more. By matching the residents with the best nurses who understand their healthcare needs, the residents remain healthier and have an improved quality of life.  

Creating Opportunities for Meaningful Connections

Seniors who live in a senior community have great opportunities to socialize and avoid isolation. Residents live close together and have access to communal spaces where they can visit with others and make lasting friendships.   

A Wonderful Place for Seniors

Summerfield of Redlands is an amazing community for senior living and presents seniors with beautiful apartments and terrific amenities. The community offers a great opportunity to make new friends and live a healthier lifestyle. Families and seniors can learn more about the community by setting up a tour of the property right now. 

By moving into a senior living community, new residents have exceptional options for independent living and getting a terrific apartment. The communities are operated by administrators who use a specialized software solution to accommodate the needs of all residents. The Sagely application helps the community track the care plans for all residents and ensure that everyone gets the healthcare services they need. 

Nurses are matched with seniors who have special needs, and the staff is available on a 24-hour basis to help these residents complete activities of daily life and provide help as it is needed. The application shows what services the residents receive, including memory care services to increase recollection and improve cognitive function. Families and seniors who want to learn more about opportunities get started by setting up a tour of the property and its amenities now.