When seniors develop dementia, they may need integrative daily care to prevent injuries and other dangers. Many families find it challenging to select the right community, mostly because of unfounded myths. It is time to debunk the myths and learn the facts. This information will help seniors and their loved ones make the right decision for residential care. 

What Are the Top Myths Concerning Memory Care?

When searching for a senior living community, many families continue to believe the untruths circulated throughout the decades. The following are the top myths and the facts. 

A Residential Community Is Not Cost Efficient

Determining the proper care needed for seniors with dementia can become stressful for families, especially if there are financial concerns. After comparing the costs of entering a senior living community and living at home, many families discover these communities are more attainable than they realized. The cost of homeownership and other financial responsibilities can take their toll on seniors, especially when they have cognitive declines. 

The Food Is Not Inviting

Many people think the food in memory care communities is plain and boring. They picture cafeteria-style food, but this could not be further from the truth. The chefs cooking for these communities create delicious restaurant-style dishes. There is a food choice for every taste, and these chefs work to meet the individual nutritional and taste needs of residents. People with Dementia often need intervention to help them continue to enjoy eating. 

Residents Lose Their Independence

No one wants to give up their independence for any reason. There is a misconception that residents living in communities no longer retain their autonomy. Although there are safety concerns for those with cognitive decline, residents never lose their independence. This care aims to help seniors live life as independently as possible, helping them retain their memory and cognitive function. 

These Communities Are Cold and Impersonal

Many people think of residential communities as cold places full of white walls and fluorescent lights. Seniors enjoy their own residences and can decorate them as they please. These communities are warm and inviting for everyone. Seniors will enjoy spending time with other residents and staff members as they participate in the boundless activities available. People entering these communities begin to feel at home instantly.

Loved Ones Receive Better Care at Home

Many families struggle with guilt because they worry about their loved ones entering care. Family members do not always make the best caregivers because they may be ill-equipped to handle the challenges. Family members may find the challenges impossible to handle, even with respite care. Families are encouraged to research their options and determine the best fit for seniors. Families should not feel guilty for entering a loved one into a community because they will receive the best level of care. 

Tips to Find the Perfect Senior Community

Choosing the right community is not always easy, especially when there are cognitive declines. Families must first sit down and talk about the options. They should also discuss the budget and ensure everyone is on the same page regarding seeking care. Consider the following tips for discovering the best community for your loved one with cognitive decline. 

  • Determine the location first. Ideally, one should choose a community close to friends and loved ones. Seniors are more likely to feel comfortable with the transition when they are surrounded by familiar people and sights.
  • Families must evaluate the benefits to determine if they should consider a community. Talk to the senior about the possibilities of making new friends and enjoying spending time with people their age. Many seniors get excited about the prospects. 
  • Look for a community that fits the family’s budget. Ask about the monthly fees and ensure they are attainable and will not place a strain on the family budget.
  • Determine the senior’s preferences for features and amenities. Ensure the seniors will have access to the hobbies and activities they enjoy. Tour multiple communities before deciding.

Begin the Search with Care

There is no need to rush the decision. Research is critical for families who want to find the best communities for their senior loved ones. Learn as much as possible about the options before taking action. Involve the senior in all decisions to ensure they feel confident in the decision. 


At Summerfield of Redlands Memory Care, we believe our residents should live every moment to the fullest. Our caring and dedicated staff work tirelessly to keep our residents safe and secure. We offer a peaceful and engaging environment conducive to protecting memory.