Physical activity is vital for people at every stage of life, including the senior stage. In fact, for the elderly, active living is always important. Exercise can help keep their bodies and their minds healthier while also improving overall quality of life. For these reasons, many older people prefer to live in a community that encourages active living. Residing in such a community can make it easier to live an active lifestyle and experience all the benefits that go along with it.

Make A Major, Positive Lifestyle Change

There are many benefits to living in a memory care community. In particular, there are some major advantages to selecting a quality memory care community in Redlands, CA. Individuals who live in these communities will have structured, healthy activities incorporated into their daily lives.

Thus, being active becomes a way of living, rather than just something seniors engage in from time to time. This promotes healthier living overall and can lead to long-term benefits. Furthermore, seniors will get to enjoy their chosen activities in beautiful, sunny California.  They won’t have to worry about the weather ruining their exercise plans or keeping them from engaging in activity for prolonged periods of time.

Reduce The Risk Of Falls And Associated Injuries

Everyone will experience a fall at some point in their life. Unfortunately, for the elderly, falls can have devastating consequences. Falls can lead to broken bones and other serious injuries that impact mobility, activity levels, mental health and well-being, and more.

Luckily, senior living options that promote active lifestyles can help reduce the risk of falls. By improving strength, balance, and coordination, individuals may have more control and become less likely to fall. Plus, with increased muscle mass and overall health, they may be less likely to suffer serious effects if they do fall.

Add Socialization Into The Mix

Physical activity is often most enjoyable when it’s done with others. And, in a community for seniors, most activities are done in a group setting. Depending on the community you choose, there could be opportunities for group exercise classes, walks, and fun, physical outings, like going bowling or playing golf. The nice thing about activities like these is that they don’t just promote physical well-being. They also promote socialization, which can lead to improved mental health, alertness, and most important of all, happiness.

Benefit From Supervision And Improved Safety

While being more active certainly has its advantages, there are some risks involved with any type of activity. Thankfully, in a senior living community, those risks are mitigated. Physical exercises are conducted in a way that is safe and are customized to the ability levels of each individual. Also, activities are typically supervised by informed caregivers who are willing to offer assistance as needed. While independent living and self-sufficiency are encouraged, elderly individuals and their loved ones can rest easy knowing that there is always someone available to help.

Promote Faster Healing And Fuller Recovery

While senior living communities provide an excellent choice for the majority of older adults, they can be particularly beneficial for those who are in a healing phase of life. Individuals recovering from a surgery, illness, or injury can enjoy activities that are tailored to their current abilities and the type of healing they desire. Furthermore, regular physical exercise, when done in the right amounts and at the right intensity, may promote faster, better, and more thorough healing. Having support, encouragement, and guidance while healing can also be incredibly helpful.

Combat Depression And Feel Amazing

As mentioned, regular physical activity can lead to improved mental health and mental strength. Over time, this can lessen depression, anxiety, and other mental issues that sometimes plague older adults. Getting outdoors, being surrounded by supportive individuals, socializing, and being active can work together to make a person feel better than they have in years. It can also improve their outlook on life, help them enjoy getting older, and encourage them to make the most of their golden years.

Ultimately, seniors deserve to have a choice in how they live out the later years of their lives. For many older people, the choice is clear. Instead of living alone or in a home where they lack interaction with their peers, a senior living community is the best option. In addition to the opportunities for physical activity, these communities provide a sense of home, belonging, and joy.

At Summerfield Of Redlands, we believe in successful, enjoyable aging. Our beautiful community features luxurious living suites as well as other living options for seniors at various stages. To learn more about how you or a loved one can live the best life possible, we invite you to contact us or schedule a community visit.