While everyone may experience memory issues, those over 65 have a greater risk of developing different forms of dementia. Seniors and their families should know the warning signs of memory loss, allowing them to see a doctor as early as possible.

Although some seniors continue to live at home for many years, some need outside intervention to help keep them safe. When living alone is no longer an option, seniors can look to assisted living communities to provide them with the safety and comfort they need to enjoy their golden years. 

What Are the Warning Signs of Memory Declines in Seniors?

While it is normal for seniors to be forgetful occasionally, forgetfulness should not be the norm. The following are some top signs people may exhibit when they have serious memory issues. With the right senior living options, those with memory concerns won’t feel as stressed, and their loved ones will have greater peace of mind. 

  • If memory loss interferes with day-to-day life, intervention becomes necessary; forgetting appointments, directions to familiar places, or how to make meals are all warning signs of dementia and other conditions. 
  • Problem-solving challenges may arise when seniors begin to experience memory and cognitive declines; warning signs shouldn’t be ignored as your senior may be in need of memory care in Redlands, CA
  • When seniors have difficulty buttoning shirts, zipping pants, or even brushing their teeth, memory issues could be the cause. It’s not that they cannot physically perform these tasks, but they cannot recall how to perform the tasks.
  • Seniors may be easily confused, forgetting where they are or the date and time. Seniors with dementia will often regress mentally and may think they are younger or living in a different year. 
  • Many people are surprised to learn vision loss can be a part of dementia. Seniors may face challenges with depth perception and color contrasts. 

Should seniors or their loved ones notice these signs, they should seek a doctor’s medical advice as some types of dementia progress faster than others. Getting a proper diagnosis is the first step towards helping seniors determine if they need assistance from a memory care community

Signs It Is Unsafe for Seniors To Live Alone

Some seniors live independently as long as family members and friends check on them frequently. As memory loss worsens, it may no longer be safe for these individuals to live alone. The following signs may indicate it is time to seek assisted living:

  • How is the senior’s home? Is the trash and mail piling up? Are there piles of dirty dishes and spoiled food? If one can no longer take care of their day-to-day household chores, it may be time to consider other living options. 
  • Is the senior taking care of themselves? Do they bathe regularly and brush their teeth? Personal hygiene issues will arise as dementia problems worsen.
  • Does the senior have anxiety about driving? Is driving a frustrating experience, or do they often forget how to navigate to familiar places?
  • Does the senior forget to shut off the stove or water? 
  • Unexplained weight loss is a common concern among dementia patients. Some people have such a degree of memory loss that they forget to eat. 

Living Options for Seniors with Memory Concerns

Those in need of assistance have multiple living options available to them. It is essential to explore the options below:

  • Assisted Living
  • Memory Care Communities
  • In-home Care

Memory Care Communities Foster Memory Function

With today’s advancements in medical science, a diagnosis of dementia is not what it used to be. Many seniors are living fulfilling, healthy lives in a supportive environment.

Getting outside care is often critical for seniors with dementia. Assisted living options offer memory care services that help seniors enjoy social interactions while receiving the assistance they need in their daily lives. 

Before selecting a community, it is wise to research. Researching will help seniors and their families learn about the options and make educated decisions on the right community. With so many options out there, there is one that is ideal for just about any senior. 

At Summerfield of Redlands Memory Care, we offer a community that fosters positive physical, mental, and emotional health for seniors with memory concerns. Our beautiful community surrounds seniors with daily activities that keep their minds engaged, helping protect them against cognitive declines.